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Careers in Cybersecurity

Looking for a great career in the Cybersecurity industry? Cropper Federal Security is looking for initiative, experienced, certified professionals who are committed to our values of excellence, integrity, and value added services. We’re currently looking to fill a variety of roles, so check out the openings below to see if there’s the right fit for you.

The TV show "Mr. Robot," where a programmer brings down evil corporations, isn't an entirely accurate portrayal of a career in cybersecurity, but it's far more accurate than "The Matrix" or an episode of "NCIS."

In the series, Elliot realizes that cybersecurity isn't just a technical challenge but an intellectual one. You see him grapple with complex tasks, various security levels, hundreds of controls, thousands of risk factors, mission support solutions, and multiple software systems, applications, and network components. 

While you might not be taking down evil corporations in your role as a cybersecurity professional, you'll likely face the same challenges as Elliot. 

That includes making split-second security decisions that impact lives, working with the most complex military weapon systems in the world, and providing the highest standards of system security analysis. 

And you'll do all of that while adhering to ODNI, NIST, and other security requirements. 

As you can see, cybersecurity isn't just what you do, but how you think.

In the first of four article series about pursuing a career in cybersecurity, learn the intellectual challenges of this role and why high-paying security organizations are looking for people just like you.

What Makes a Good CyberSecurity Professional?

Popular depictions in TV and movies make cybersecurity seem like a highly-desirable career choice for anyone with a little bit of programming experience. However, the Hollywood picture is often limited to hacking, security engineering, and mission support. But becoming a cybersecurity professional requires cognitive abilities such as communication, logic, rationality, and a degree of skepticism. Mitigating identified security threats, for example, is as much about the "why" as it is the "how." 

As a cybersecurity expert, you'll be inquisitive, always open to new ideas and ways of doing things. The media often depicts the cybersecurity professional as a lone wolf who single-handedly saves the planet with clever code. But the reality is you'll be working both independently and as part of a dynamic team whose skills will complement and sharpen your own. 

You'll also need to think before you act, especially in high-pressure scenarios. Making even the smallest of changes to weapon system infrastructure without thinking about the consequences could result in detrimental outcomes. 

That's why you'll need an analytical mind that can tackle complex issues and come up with creative solutions. You'll be a critical thinker, a decision-maker, and a problem-solver. As a cybersecurity professional, your biggest weapon isn't the technology you use, but the critical and creative thinking you bring to the table.

What Jobs Lead to a Successful Cybersecurity Career?

Those with military experience often thrive in cybersecurity roles. Veterans know how to think quickly in stressful situations, using logic and rationality to overcome life-threatening obstacles. They are analytical, inquisitive, sometimes skeptical, and work well in a team. 

Others who might become successful cybersecurity specialists include people with experience in information systems, signal intelligence systems, open architecture, and geospatial intelligence systems. 

If you have any of the above experience or qualities, consider a career in the world of cybersecurity.

How Cropper Federal Security Challenges Its Cybersecurity Professionals

The technical aspects of cybersecurity aren't particularly complex when done right, but the cognitive processes required for the job can be difficult. That's why many companies give entry-level cybersecurity professionals basic tasks that are ultimately unfulfilling. 

Cropper Federal Security does things differently. This Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) challenges its employees as soon as they pursue a new role. 

When you join this organization, you'll work with intricate military weapon systems around the world and receive hands-on training from government-funded programs that help you realize your full potential. That doesn't mean Cropper throws you into the “deep end.’ An experienced mentor will help you become a better cybersecurity professional, but you'll already possess a skill set that includes qualities such as logic, critical thinking, and problem-solving. 

Cropper will challenge you technically, intellectually, and professionally as you nurture industry skills that solve the most complex challenges. Depending on the contract, you can receive your cybersecurity training anywhere you like at no cost. Most employees start with an associate degree and one certification but pursue additional qualifications such as CEH, AWS, CISSP, and PMP certifications.

Cropper Federal Security has nearly 25 years of COCOM level strategy, training, security, operations, and maintenance experience and is looking for people like you to join our team. We attract the nation’s top talent who desire an intellectual challenge, career progression, continued professional development, a positive work culture, and competitive salary and benefits.

Final Word

Cybersecurity is more than code and mission support solutions. It's how you think about the challenges that face you. If you possess strong cognitive abilities, you'll make a great cybersecurity specialist. Explore this career choice further in the next part of this series, where we take a deeper dive into the link between military experience and cybersecurity roles.

Are you a critical thinker, team player and decision-maker? Do you use logic, reason, and rationality? Are you up for a life-changing challenge? 

Contact Cropper Federal Security to learn more about cybersecurity career opportunities.


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