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Staying Vigilant in Protecting Our Nation’s Internet Resources

Dedicated to protecting what is most important to you

At Cropper Federal Security, we understand the importance of hiring only the most experienced, top-tier professionals to execute our projects. Our team is made up of industry specialists equipped with the right degrees, certification, training, and skills to make them leaders in the cybersecurity industry.

Cropper Federal Security was founded by a retired U.S. Air Force Squadron Commander, and 90 percent of our team members are ex-military, with stellar performance records in military-specific solutions such as DCGS. Our team members also have full security clearance for military and government work and have the permissions and skills necessary for handling classified information files and systems. And to retain our top-tier employees, we reward their skills and loyalty with Fortune 500-level benefits, plus generous compensation packages. sample 

Cybersecurity Services

Dedicated to Protecting What is Most Important to You

At Cropper Federal Security, we have the understanding and expertise to effectively navigate the DOD environment, ensuring mission accomplishment based on and customized for the specific client organization. By thoroughly understanding each specific client culture, we forge trusted client relationships that are based on proven performance.

In addition to top-tier cybersecurity, we provide services in Risk Management Framework, Clearance, Intelligence, Computer Systems Design, Information, Engineering, Custom Computer Programming, and Computer Facilities Management. Additionally, Cropper Federal Security is fully ITAR compliant, which facilitates the export/import of defense-related USML items and services.

Group 304

System Engineering and Integration

  • C4ISR Solutions
  • COMSEC/Crypto Solutions
  • PKI & PK Enabling Solutions
  • Key Management Engineering
Group 308

Risk Management/Mission Assurance

  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Continuity of Operations
  • Policy and Regulatory Compliance

Acquisition/Program Support

  • Agile/SAFe and Risk Management Framework (RMF) integration
  • System Engineering & Technical Analysis
  • CIO/CTO/CISO Support
  • Strategic Roadmaps
  • AFI-mandated, fully-qualified IAMs
  • Lean Six Sigma Processes
  • Cybersecurity
  • Technology, Research & Development
  • New Business Team Creation
  • Leadership & Mentorship

Cybersecurity Services

  • System Security Engineering & Integration
  • Cybersecurity Architecture & Design
  • Vulnerability, Integration, and Operational Testing
  • Risk Management Framework
  • Cross Domain / Multi-Level Security
  • Engineering Analysis
  • Cross Domain Solutions
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) / PK Enabling
Group 305

Enterprise Information Technology

  • IT Strategy & Portfolio Management
  • IT Operations & Sustainment
  • IT Policy, Governance & Compliance
  • Telecommunications Solutions
  • Information Assurance

Cybersecurity Operations and Solutions

Cropper Federal Security leadership understands the complex facets behind cost accounting compliance, time-tracking systems, FAR compliance, and requirements for company sustainability during growth opportunities. Our financial and operations infrastructure follows DCAA compliance guidelines. We also understand the government’s needs for ease of contracting at low prices, so Cropper Federal Security is prepared for direct awards based on SDVOSB and Intellectual Capital criteria, and NEW in 2022 we now offer services on the GSA MAS 541330 schedule for Professional Services - Technical and Engineering Services. Cropper Federal Security is committed to working established contracting vehicles with teaming partners to expand areas of expertise, fill Small Business and expertise gaps, and enhance professional service disciplines.



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IT Strategy Consulting

As a critical function of any technological enterprise, IT should be securely integrated and expertly managed. From government facilities to industrial plants, IT support must remain a priority for those working towards success. A plan of this caliber requires the involvement and consistent development of key strategies, such as:

  • CIO/CTO/CISO Support
  • Cybersecurity
  • Waterfall, Agile, and Lean Processes
  • Strategic Roadmaps
  • New Business Team Creation
  • Leadership & Mentorship

Through in-depth discussion about current and future priorities, Cropper Federal Security leads its partners to solutions that protect and enhance their operations.


Cybersecurity Operations and Solutions

Security is a priority for all institutions that utilize cyberspace — but for high-profile organizations, security breaches are not an option. The current technological climate poses more danger than ever — as technology advances, robust cybersecurity systems must be developed to prevent potential national security breaches. The most secure systems include consistent maintenance efforts and individualized strategies, such as:  

  • System Engineering & Integration
  • Engineering Analysis
  • Cross Domain Solutions
  • Cybersecurity Architecture & Design
  • Public Key Infrastructure/PK Enabling
  • Risk Management Framework (RMF)

Cropper Federal Security’s cybersecurity solutions work in tandem to create the necessary impenetrable barrier against breach of confidentiality and data theft.


IT Operations and Management

Cropper Federal Security’s contributions to your technological systems extend beyond IT strategy development. Our team works to integrate solutions into every step of your process as a time-saving and cost-effective IT management resource: 

  • IM / IT Solutions
  • Portfolio Management
  • Information Assurance

For more information about Cropper Federal Security’s extensive track record of success, our security clearances and connections in the intelligence community, or to seek out a partnership you can trust, contact us directly at 725-222-1988.


Cropper Federal Security is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business headquartered in Las Vegas, NV. Our business excels at delivering IT strategy consulting, cybersecurity, information technology, engineering, and mission support solutions.

Industries we serve


Tech Companies

Cropper Federal Security excels in providing tech companies with a wide array of cybersecurity and business management tools. These include a full roster of the cybersecurity protections that have made us an industry leader. We also offer expert IT consulting services, management training, and HR solutions that can streamline your operations, maximize your profits, and take your tech company to the next level of success, and beyond.



Cropper Federal Security provides state-of-the-art cybersecurity tools and solutions for every sector of government operations. Our top-tier employees not only specialize in government contracts but also have full security clearance to handle classified information. Our team is experienced in protecting sensitive databases with the best, next-generation cybersecurity tools and programs.



Cropper Federal Security has a well-known and proven track record in military service, executing military contracts worth millions of dollars just within the past several years. We specialize in cybersecurity, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance (ISR), security engineering, program management, and mission support, and excel in providing customized Distributed Common Ground (DCGS) strategies for every branch of the military.



For the past 24 years, Cropper Federal Security has established a proven track record of partnering with government and military organizations nationwide, providing them with top-tier COCOM-level cybersecurity solutions and IT management tools. In recent years, Cropper Federal Security has supported a number of critical C4ISR programs for the U.S. Air Force, which included key infrastructure integration and DCGS projects. Time and again, we’ve proven our dedication to protecting and defending our nation’s valuable systems and cyber networks.

For businesses, Cropper Federal Security provides the same level of cybersecurity services, as well as CIO/CTO/CISO consulting services and HR solutions to help companies streamline operations and boost ROI.

Korea Command(ABOUT US)

About Us

We’re passionate cybersecurity professionals who use the latest technologies, tools, and strategies to defend your business, military, or government organization against cyber attacks. Our team is comprised of the best top-tier cybersecurity experts in the industry, all armed with the knowledge and expertise — plus full security clearance — to protect, monitor, and maintain your sensitive networks and databases.

Cropper Federal Security is a Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), operating from Las Vegas, NV, with offices in Langley AFB, VA, Robins AFB, GA, and Hanscom AFB, MA. We have a proven track record for excellence in delivering cybersecurity, CIO & CISO strategy consulting, information technology, security engineering, and mission support solutions for government and military organizations and businesses. In addition, we provide IT consulting services, management training, and HR solutions to streamline your operations and maximize your ROI.

Cropper Federal Security was founded by a retired U.S. Air Force Squadron Commander, and 90 percent of our employees are ex-military, so we’re well aware of the special needs of government and military organizations. If you're ready to achieve the next level of success, contact us so we can help you defend and protect your organization’s most valuable resources.

NAICS: 541330

  • 541330 , 541512, 519920, 541618,
  • 541690, 541511, 541990, 541513,
  • 561110, 541519, 561621, 541611, 928110

Cropper Federal Security is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business headquartered in Las Vegas, NV. Our business excels at delivering IT strategy consulting, cybersecurity, information technology, engineering, and mission support solutions.



Our Team

Jim-Cropper Head Shot-200

Jim Cropper

President / CEO

Retired USAF Lt Col

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Kenny Davis

Kenny Davis

Site Lead and Test Engineer at Langley AFB, VA.

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James Rudolph

James Rudolph

Site Lead and Security Engineer at Robins AFB, GA

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Kevin McLaughlin

Site Lead and Sr Security Engineer at Hanscom AFB, MA.

Our Insights

Transferring Your Military Skills and Experience into the Field of Cybersecurity

Welcome to the second article in this series looking at cybersecurity careers. Cropper Federal Security believes that military veterans are ideally positioned to make valuable contributions in the cybersecurity industry. Many key skills are highly transferable, which is good news in a landscape suffering from a shortage of highly trained federal security professionals.

Why Partner with a Cybersecurity Firm with Military Experience?

Providing services that keep pace with the continually-evolving nature of digital technologies is no easy task, especially in the high-stakes world of intelligence and national defense. Tech companies and service providers looking to make inroads in the intelligence community can face questions of experience and security clearances, especially in terms of cybersecurity. Without the proper level of experience, expertise, and clearance, businesses will find intelligence contracts elusive at best. 

What Government Organizations Need in a Cyber Security Firm

Selecting a cyber security partner could be one of the most important decisions your organization ever makes. Choosing the right cyber security firm could mean the difference between a knowledgeable partner who keeps your mission-critical IT assets protected, and a poor IT security posture that exposes you to a devastating cyber attack.


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If you’re ready to take your government/military organization or tech business to the next level, contact us to learn how we can help you thrive and succeed.

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